Hi everyone!

Hello everyone! This is my first author blog post. Brief introduction:

Hi, I’m Leigh. I write m/m romance. (sometimes m/m/m romance too. Oooo). There tends to be some m/f romance in there for shits and giggles and character development, but my guys always end up with other guys in the end.

M/M authors I enjoy include Josh Lanyon, C.S. Pacat, Aleksandr Voinov, and Lynn Flewelling. My favorite non-M/M author is Jim Butcher.

I am beginning the process of submitting my first novel for publication. I’m going to be chronicling that process a bit here–where I submit it, when, when I get rejections back, if I get an acceptance and what happens after that. I think that will be helpful for me and for other aspiring authors.

I’m also going to be blogging about writing in general, the writing process, the research that goes into it, thoughts on the subject in general, and so on.

NaNoWriMo is coming up in just over a week, and while I don’t know that I will stick to it devoutly, I am going to use it as a starting date for this new idea that came to me recently, so I may post snippets here and there.

I may also post book reviews here occasionally.


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As yet unpublished author of m/m romance.

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