Audience of Zero

I am currently writing this blog for an audience of zero. Or, I suppose, an audience of one: Me. I’m kind of okay with that, because I’ve always been writing for an audience of one. Some people start out writing with the goal of publication in mind. They want to tell a story, to have people read it, to develop a following.

I write because I want to write. For me.

However, when you finally get to a point where you’re done with something, you’ve revised it twenty eight times and it’s finally ready for the light of day (or you’re so sick of revising it that the other option is to just throw it in the toilet), you just have to take a plunge and try to publish.

And if you want to make any money off your book, you need to market. Sure, publishers do that to some degree, but an author needs to have their own social media accounts going on to help build interest. I like to follow authors for advice and to see their thoughts and keep up with their work. It’s nice to be a fan of a person and be able to interact with them in some way.

So I need to have social media.

So I have this blog. And I now have twitter. And I have Goodreads (which I am not very active on currently because it’s NanoWriMo. Cut me a break!)

I have recently been reflecting on the fact that I’ve very much withdrawn from internet interactions with strangers. I don’t know when or why it happened, really. I used to go on forums and I used to use AIM and Livejournal and and myOtaku and I had followers and I commented on posts and had interactions with strangers. I had a lot of friends online that I’d never met in person.

But at some point, I just stopped doing all that.

And now, as an aspiring author, I’m having to try to go back to that. To start throwing things out there and seeing what sticks. Trying to make connections. To do things outside my comfort zone and interact with strangers.

As an adult they call it “networking.”

It’s very strange. It feels like a lot of work. But of course, any goal worth achieving is difficult.


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As yet unpublished author of m/m romance.

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