The Road So Far

In my initial post back in October, I said I would be keeping you, my lovely reader(s), apprised of my writing progress, publication attempts, etc. Initially I did not think I would take NaNoWriMo so seriously, but I did, so there has been no forward momentum in the publication process thus far. My plan is to get the manuscript sent out to at least one publisher by the end of 2016. If that means I send the email on December 31 at 11:59 PM, I will consider that goal a success.

To get us all caught up, this is what has happened in my writing/revising/publishing process so far:

I started writing this thing in 2012, and the characters were in my head for at least a year or two before that. I wrote a large portion of it over the summer between school years in 2012, and then didn’t touch it for six months. I finished the first draft in 2013.

I then revised it, and revised it again, and revised it again, and wrote the first draft of a sequel, started to revise the sequel, decided I hated the entire sequel, trashed it, revised the first novel yet again, wrote another draft of the sequel, and now here we are, three years and four revisions later, getting ready to finally try to publish it. I never felt motivated to publish it until recently, so I’ve just been dilly-dallying. My next novel will not take three years to get submission-ready.


I am going to tweak it yet again; just one tiny little thing about one MC that’s always bugged me and I finally figured out why and how to fix it (thank god it’s fixable with a small tweak). Then I will be done.

In preparation for the publication attempts, I have: begun paying more attention to who publishes the M/M romance books I read. I’m investigating every publisher I see. I’m following publishers, editors, and authors on Twitter (I created a Twitter specifically to do so). I’m entering giveaways, joining reading lists, and of course, reading more in the genre I write. (contemporary gay romance)

These are all things the internet has told me I must do in order to prepare to publish a book. And so far I’m finding it helpful.

Now I just need to figure out how to write a synopsis. God save me.


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As yet unpublished author of m/m romance.

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