Rainbow Snippet 3 – 12/31/16 – Andrew

Hello, snippeteers! Here’s my Rainbow Snippet for the week! In last week’s snip, Andrew was with a man in a bar, reflecting on the difficulties of going home with strangers vs. stealing from strangers…  This snip takes place later that same night. It was not a good night for him.

I managed to pick my jeans out of the pile. I’d puked on them. Of course. Someone on the bed shifted their weight and I froze, ready to bolt, but when no one grabbed or struck me, I continued looking for my shirt. When I shrugged it on I found that half the buttons had been ripped off in their haste to get me naked. My hands were trembling, and I tried clenching them into fists to calm myself down but my muscles seemed oddly out of my control. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move right, and I just wanted to run screaming from the room…


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