New Year, Same Me

I hate New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s be real, people: The ticking over of an arbitrary time-counting system, the hanging of a new calendar, and the progression of seasons does not alter your identity.

Self-discipline, motivation, and wherewithal alter your identity.

If you’re going to make a resolution, if you’re going to set goals and better yourself, there is no reason to start on January 1. January 1 has as much significance as February 17, the first day of Spring, Thanksgiving, or “a week from next Tuesday.” It is a wholly insignificant date plucked out of the ether, which society has placed undue significance on.

If you are going to set a goal, make a resolution, change your habits and your life, there is no better time than “now.” If you are going to set a goal, set something achievable–set something YOU personally want to achieve, not something other people think you should achieve–and don’t expect your friends, society, your spouse/SO, your workplace, etc, to provide you the means or motivation to achieve your goal. If you want to achieve a goal, YOU have to do the work to achieve it. Start now. Don’t wait for magic motivation. And if you miss your planned “now” and find yourself three months down the road, still eating like shit, haven’t written a word, only read one book of your ambitious goal of 50… Don’t beat yourself up. Okay, you missed three months. But you can still start now. Every moment is a new “now.” Every moment is an opportunity. Just because you didn’t start three months ago, last week, January 1, two Mondays ago, on your dog’s birthday, whenever the hell your intended start date was–doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start at all.

My point here is, don’t rely on an artificial feeling of significance to motivate you to make a change. “JANUARY 1. NEW YEAR. WOAH. MUST CHANGE LIFE!”


Valid reasons to change your life:

  1. You aren’t happy.

Invalid reasons to change your life:

  1. It’s January 1 and society says you should.


So with that in mind, yes, I have set goals for 2017. I am not making resolutions. I refuse to make broad, sweeping statements about things I am going to change or do in 2017.

I am also not going to utter my goals aloud to any other human. Every time I do that, I fail them. I told no one my goals for 2016, and I achieved them all for the first time in the history of my goal-setting life.

If I’m as successful in 2017 as I was in 2016, it’ll be a very good year for me. Here’s to hoping. CHEERS!

(featured pic of cannibalistic serial killer not meant to intimate any hints towards my secret 2017 goals)

(…or is it…?)

(no but really I just have a ladyboner for Mads Mikkelsen)


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