King of the Sea by Nathan Bay

This is not a book promotion or review blog, however, I wanted to share this experience because I feel like it’s an important lesson for writers (including myself).  I recently read a story/novella called King of the Sea by Nathan Bay. It’s his debut release, just came out on January 17.

I don’t recall if I discussed my recent merman dream on my blog, but long story short, I had a dream a couple weeks ago that involved mermen and I woke up with an overwhelming desire to write merman erotica. I tried, unsuccessfully, to find merman erotica online, because I have never read it before. The vague idea has been in the back of my head for weeks now, and then, because the universe is weird like that, I stumbled across this book. I bought and read it almost immediately.

The story did not overly impress me, but because it was Mr. Bay’s first book and had very few ratings, I left a review for it. I was not singing the praises, but I tried to be constructive in my criticism.

Today I got an email notification. New Goodreads message from Nathan Bay re: King of the Sea review. Despite my review not being the most positive thing in the world, he took time out of his day to message me and thank me for reading, rating, and reviewing.

So in return, I followed his Goodreads page, his Twitter, bumped my Goodreads rating up by one star, and will probably buy his next book, even though I wasn’t overwhelmed by his first.

Moral of this blog post? Readers like to feel that they are appreciated.

I hope when I eventually publish something, I can handle mediocre reviews with the same kind of poise.

King of the Sea by Nathan Bay – on Amazon and Goodreads.


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