Rainbow Snippets 2/18/17 – Jigs and Reels

Hi everyone, and happy Rainbow Snippet day!

I’ve always been a big music-lover, but for some reason over the past year, I’ve developed an obsession with Irish music. It’s been popping up in my writing more and more. This entire short story is based around Irish musicians. By an odd happy coincidence, one of my co-workers plays fiddle in a local Irish band, and this past week she invited me to go to one of their practice sessions. I went, drank whiskey, and listened to them play. It was really fun. I used to play flute in concert band in grade school and that’s a very, VERY different environment from a casual group of talented people who enjoy making music.

Irish music is a very organic species, big on embellishments and improvisation. As with anything done in a group, the more you practice together, the better you sync up as a band/team and the more fun you can have. You sort of just know what the other people are going to do. One of the members at the practice session I went to was a less frequent attendee, so I watched her struggle to follow along with the members who have practiced together for years. My two characters in this story, Elijah and Peter, sync up almost immediately the first time they play together, and to them it’s like magic. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think! 🙂

I watched Peter as he played, long fingers dancing over the open holes on his instrument, and we began to speed up together, galloping towards the end of the tune full-tilt, my bow flying over the strings, fingers moving without thought until we both ended with a flourish, perfectly in sync. Our small audience cheered and applauded. Peter jumped up and crossed the room. I had just enough time to hold my fiddle out of the way before he crashed into me with a hug and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“You’re great.” He turned back to his bandmates, brimming over with enthusiasm. “He’s great. I like him. Can we keep him?”

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12 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets 2/18/17 – Jigs and Reels”

  1. Loved the snippet. As for the music, a long time ago I used to play bass guitar and I’d accompany my boyfriend who played lead guitar. We played a lot of rock tunes, particularly Metallica, because the chords are so easy! (I wasn’t very good at anything else)

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  2. Aw, that’s very sweet!

    I’ve always been envious of folk musicians. I’m classically trained and can’t improvise worth beans. My son is a jazz saxophonist, and he’s highly skilled at improv. What’s funny is how many folk and jazz musicians have said the reverse–that they envy symphonic musicians!

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