Everything in Moderation

Moderation is not my strong suit. I’ll put that out there right off the bat. I am either all-in on something–be it a band, a book, a food, a video game–or I am 1000% disinterested. I have basically stopped watching all TV over the past year or so because I refuse to let myself get sucked into a weeks-long multi-season binge and I apparently cannot portion-control myself.

Never has a more relevant comic existed

My inability to do things in moderation is a blessing and a curse. It makes me be super productive! I set goals and I go at them hard and fast (hehehe). I don’t let myself get distracted. I am single-minded on my goal until it is achieved.

…or until I burn out.

You know how, the faster you’re going in a car, the harder it is to control the vehicle in the event of an unexpected ice patch or pothole or deer or bad driver? So if you go fast and boom, suddenly a deer!, things aren’t going to end well.

I’m like that with my goals. I fly at them with blinders on, determined to meet them in an efficient and timely manner. In order to meet them, I ignore ALL OTHER THINGS. I want to finish every goal as soon as possible so I can move onto the next one. If I start reading a book, I will binge that book until it’s done–days off, evenings, lunch breaks at work, I am reading. If I start revising a draft or writing a new story, all reading is forgotten. My husband won’t see me for weeks except in passing. “Hi, I’m home. Okay I’m going upstairs to write.”

When this is how you operate, sometimes all it takes is a little bump from Life and suddenly you’re spiraling into deep space, trajectory lost, instruments non-responsive, no idea how to find your path again. Should you be reading? Writing? Revising? Binge watching every season of every series of Star Trek to ever air? YOU JUST DON’T KNOW. So you drift, aimless, not particularly passionate about any of your goals. That’s where I am now.

And oooooh buddy, it sucks.

Life just gave me a little tap–okay, a couple little taps in quick succession over the course of a week–and now I am floating in oblivion without road signs or any sense of direction. Just drifting in space. I have lost interest in the goal I was working towards, but I am loathe to set it aside and start on something else.

And yet… they say “everything in moderation.” So perhaps I need to learn that working towards and single goal and neglecting all else is, perhaps, not a good idea? Not healthy? Perhaps, maybe, I should be okay with working a bit more slowly on multiple goals at once, so that this burn-out doesn’t happen…? MAYBE I should let myself have a few hours of mindless, non-goal-related entertainment every once in a while? IT’S OKAY TO RELAX, LEIGH.

I’m not sure about all that, but for now I think I must set aside the goal I fizzled out on and work towards a different one. I have plenty of goals. I just need to pick one and take off…

How do you guys manage your goals? Do you believe in “everything in moderation” or are you a “burn twice as bright for half as long” kind of person?


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As yet unpublished author of m/m romance.

4 thoughts on “Everything in Moderation”

  1. Interesting self-assessment. I’ve been described in the past as the “burn twice as bright for half as long” type of person. I’m not sure how accurate it was, but I’m sure there was (is?) something to it, but I think that inclination has tempered over time.

    I imagine if one has lofty goals, that approach might be more likely to achieve them than the “everything in moderation” approach. Perhaps some compromise between the two is the most productive and likely to lead to success without losing sight of other things that are important to us?

    If the “taps” you mentioned refers to the recent rejection you’ve blogged about, I hope you won’t let it sway you from your goal. I’ve read the snippets you’ve posted, and you have a wonderful writing style. It may just boil down to finding the right publisher for your existing story, or it might mean taking another look and tweaking the story. I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that you are more than capeable of doing it. One need only read your blog posts to know you are a great writer.

    Are you part of an author critique/beta group? I’ve been participating in a couple, and it’s made a huge difference for me. If you aren’t already, but are interested, I can point you in the dirction of one.

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    1. Thank you for reading, and thank you for the very kind words! Some of it is definitely the rejection, haha. I also happened to get sick right around the same time, and crap happened at my day job, so I was physically and emotionally blahhh on all fronts and I’m still trying to pull myself back up to the surface. I am not part of any critique/beta groups but I would absolutely love to be. I may need to re-work this entire novel to some degree. Or if not for this novel, I have another one and some short stories that’ll need beta reading sometime in the next few months. 🙂 Thank you again! ❤

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